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With $67M in new capital, NorthOne is doubling down on SMBs as some fintech companies pull back


It’s common knowledge, especially to those who work in financial services, that the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically increased demand for digital banking globally.
A flurry of fintechs emerged in hope of meeting that demand while incumbent banks clamored to step up their own digital games.
And then there were those companies that existed well before the pandemic. New York-based NorthOne is one such example. Founded by Eytan Bensoussan and Justin Adler in 2016, the startup was born to serve small business owners such as barbers, mechanics and local restaurant owners.
When the pandemic hit, there was perhaps no other category of businesses impacted as greatly as small businesses. Some didn’t survive but many pushed through, either pivoting or weathering the early days of the crisis by adap …

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