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Track and capture: Getting started with attention metrics


Sylvain Le Borgne

Sylvain Le Borgne is MediaMath’s chief partnership officer and head of data and analytics.

At the heart of all advertising lies the ultimate goal: Cut through the noise and capture a potential consumer’s interest long enough for them to make a connection with the brand.
There is no single factor that determines the best possible bidding tactics for your advertising campaigns or that capturing consumer attention is analogous. There are myriad, dynamic elements needed for a consumer to interact with your brand. Viewability is no longer enough, and “attention metrics” are becoming increasingly popular in the industry.
Attention metrics are an evolution of engagement. As attention metrics tracked today are nascent, some healthy industry debate has emerged in the quest to refine and define what attention measurement should look like.
As attention metrics and measurement continue to mature, brands can learn more, develop a plan aligned with key business outcomes, start optimi …

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