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As Apple’s App Store expands price points options, RevenueCat rolls out A/B price testing tools


Just a day after Apple announced a revamp of its App Store pricing policy to introduce 700 new price points, subscription platform RevenueCat is rolling out a new feature that will allow developers to A/B test different price points for their app subscriptions. The feature, called “Experiments,” aims to help developers determine the best price points to convert free or trial users to paying customers, retain the customers they have, test prices for different service tiers, and more.
The feature arrives at a time when subscriptions have saturated the app economy, but inflation is leading consumers to re-evaluate what paid services are actually worth keeping. This could have ramifications on the broader app ecosystem, as developers of apps not deemed “must haves,” could see an increase in cancellations as users continue tightening their belts.
Being able to figure out what price point …

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