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Beamery, the all-in-one talent management platform, becomes a unicorn


HR organizations are faced with a widening skills gap, economic headwinds and changing expectations around work. It’s no surprise, then, that burnout and exhaustion are widespread in HR, with one survey finding that 42% of teams are struggling under the weight of too many projects and responsibilities.
Change starts with personnel and management, some might argue. Others leaning more technoutopianist might proffer HR tech as a solution. While there’s a fair amount of dissatisfaction with HR tech vendors (at least according to some data), to be fair to the tech-positive crowd, many companies see real value in HR tech. According to a recent Sapient report, over half of businesses with more than 500 employees plan to increase HR tech spending by an average of 21% into the coming year.
One beneficiary of that increased spending is London-based Beamery, a startup developing a talent lifecycle management platform. Beamery today announced that …

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