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Boundary Layer pivots from container ships to hydrofoiling personal watercraft


Boundary Layer, which was gunning for local air freight, and announced a slew of launch partners earlier this year, today announced a shift in strategy, with some high-performance foiling personal watercraft. Think low-flying SeaDoo, and you’ve got the right idea.
The new product is called Valo, and will be able to carry a couple of passengers. Powered by a 108 hp electric motor, the craft can foil two feet above the surface of the water, at a top speed of 58 mph (50 knots), which will make it the world’s fastest production foiling craft. Fingers crossed you don’t come off the craft at those speeds; that’d be profoundly uncomfortable.
“We advise that you don’t fall off at 50 knots,” Ed Kearney, founder and CEO of the company behind Valo, …

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