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Here’s how Audi Q4 50 E-Tron stacks up against the Tesla Model Y


After many delays, Audi has a new E-Tron on the market. It’s the Q4, a little SUV based on the same MEB platform that sits beneath the Volkswagen ID.4’s skin.
That means a similar layout and, most significantly, the identical 82-kWh battery pack here wrapped with a much more premium look and feel to match its premium price of $48,800, to start.
It’s easy to compare the Q4 to its VW corporate cousin or even the other Audi E-Tron models; we thought it’d be more interesting to line Audi’s latest up against Tesla’s stalwart SUV, the Model Y. Once meant to be an affordable entry to the world of electrification, the Y seems to get more expensive by the day. Today’s starting price? $65,990.
Given that financial delta, this Audi versus Tesla fight might seem unfair. Read on to see these two are more evenly matched than you might think.
Here’s a break down of the 2022 Audi Q4 50 vs Tesla Model Y by category:
Exterior …

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