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High-growth startups should start de-risking their path to IPO now


Carl Niedbala

Carl Niedbala is COO and co-founder of Founder Shield, a commercial insurance broker.

High-growth companies often set significant goals, knowing full well that the idea of “overnight success” is for the storybooks. However, there is no better time than the middle of a market downturn to start planning for the leap from a private to a public company.
De-risking the path to going public requires strategic planning, which takes time. Companies with goals to go public in less than three years must therefore plan for it now — despite the downturn — to get the running start they’ll need to navigate the open market.
Let’s explore why this adverse economy is ideal for planning an IPO and what to do about it.
Growth investors have recently pulled back

While some companies delay their IPOs, others can play catch-up and prepare for the time when the open market itches to invest again.

Carta reports that private fundraising levels have declined across the U.S. from a record-breaking 2021. …

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