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Majority of Americans don’t want Biden or Trump to run again in 2024, CNBC survey shows


“No thanks!”That’s how majorities of the public responded when the CNBC All-America Economic Survey asked if President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump should run again for president.The survey found 61% of the public think Trump should not seek the presidency, compared with 30% who believe he should. And 70% say Biden should not run for a second term with just 19% supporting a run.Substantial numbers in each politicians’ own party prefer their names not be on the ballot, including 37% of Republicans who don’t want Trump to run along with 61% of independents and 88% of Democrats.For Biden, 57% of Democrats say he shouldn’t stand for office in 2024 along with 66% of independents and 86% of Republicans.Donald Trump and Joe BidenBrendan Smialowski AFP | Getty Images; Drew Angerer | Getty ImagesCNBC’s Democratic and Republican pollsters both believe Democrats will likely support Biden if he’s the nominee and that Republicans will support Trump. In a primary, each candidate would have a substantial level of support that could allow them to gain their party’s nod, especially against a large field of competitors who would split the vote.Still, …

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