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Rackspace blames ransomware attack for ongoing Exchange outage


Cloud computing giant Rackspace has confirmed that it has been hit by ransomware attack that has left a number of its customers without access to email.
Rackspace’s hosted Microsoft Exchange service started experiencing problems on Friday last week. At the time, Rackspace posted a notice on its status page saying that due to a “security incident,” it had “powered down and disconnected” the service. In an update published on Tuesday, Rackspace has confirmed that a ransomware attack is behind the ongoing outage. 
“As you know, on Friday, December 2nd, 2022, we became aware of suspicious activity and immediately took proactive measures to isolate the Hosted Exchange environment to contain the incident,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday. “We have since determined this suspicious activity was the result of a ransomware incident.”
Rackspace says that the in …

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