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Swoop Aero’s drones hit a million items delivered as the company raises for expansion


Out where delivery trucks and full-size cargo planes don’t make a lot of sense, drones proliferating — they may never deliver your burrito, but could soon be indispensable for transporting medicine and emergency supplies. Australian drone logistics company Swoop Aero is celebrating new milestones and funding as it plans its expansion to more markets.
Swoop has been providing transport and delivery of medical materials — medications as well as things like samples for labs — in south Malawi, DR Congo, and other locations for the last three years, and recently delivered its millionth item and completed its 20,000th flight.
This success has led to USAID awarding $1.5 million to Swoop, which will fuel in part the company’s expansion to the rest of the country. That’s on top of a jus …

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