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Wrong Covid test results in China raise concerns ‘the pandemic may never end’


Residents queue at a Covid-19 testing booth in Beijing, China, on Monday, Nov. 28, 2022. The capital city has required regular virus tests for more than half a year.Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty ImagesBEIJING — Local frustration with Covid controls in China has increasingly targeted virus testing requirements and the big business they’ve fueled.Trending on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, on Tuesday morning was the hashtag: “If virus testing chaos never stops, the pandemic may never end,” according to CNBC’s translation of the Chinese.The hashtag was referring to the headline of a now-deleted opinion piece from a publication overseen by People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist Party’s newspaper. The article listed several instances of allegedly forged virus test results this year across the country, including in Shanghai and Beijing.The article warned that false reporting of nucleic acid test results could end …

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