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Backed by the National Institute on Aging, the a2 Pilot Awards fosters agetech entrepreneurship


There are now more Americans aged 65 and older than at any other point in history and that number is expected to rise, according to the National Institute on Aging (NIA). With longer lifespans come challenges like Alzheimer’s, which about one in nine of Americans aged 65 or older have.
The a2 Pilot Awards were created to encourage the development of tech for the elderly. Funded by the NIA with $40 million over the next five years, the awards announced today the first cohort of 33 projects selected for funding. The majority use artificial intelligence or machine learning tech, and 40% are led by women.
Stephen Liu, the managing director of a2 Collective, which oversees the awards, told TechCrunch he hopes it encourages more tech entrepreneurs to get into agetech.
“It’s a largely uncontested, growing, future-proof market that will have unprecedented opportunities driven by AI,” he said, adding “We have two big mega-trends, AI a …

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