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Sling TV’s subscriber base continues to tank, loses over 75K subs in Q4


Sling TV, the DISH-owned streaming service, finished the year off with a substantial drop in subscribers, ending Q4 2022 with a loss of 77,000 subs.
As reported in an SEC filing on January 17, Sling TV now has a total of 2.33 million subscribers, down from 2.41 million in the previous quarter. While the company momentarily gained subscribers in Q3 2022, Sling TV now seems like it’s stuck in 2018 with its current subscriber base when it also had 2.33 million subs. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the live TV streamer had 2.49 million.
The drop in subscribers is likely due to the recent price hike and increased competition. Sling TV bumped up its plans by $5. Sling Orange and Sling Blue now each cost $40/month, whereas the bundle (Sling Orange + Blue) is $55/month. The main reason that …

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