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Three-Quarters of Teenagers Have Seen Online Pornography by Age 17


The internet has transformed pornography, making it much easier to view and share than in the days of Playboy magazine and late-night cable television.For teenagers, that’s created a deluge of sexually explicit photos and videos that has invaded their everyday lives, according to a report released on Tuesday.Three-quarters of teenagers have viewed pornography online by the age of 17, with the average age of first exposure at age 12, according to the report by Common Sense Media, a nonprofit child advocacy group. Teenagers are seeing the photos and videos on their smartphones, on their school devices and across social media, pornography sites and streaming sites, it said.The report underlined how ubiquitous pornography has become, with 41 percent of teenagers saying they had seen images of nudity or sexual acts online during the school day. Much of the exposure was by accident, with 58 percent saying they did not seek out the sexually explicit videos and photos, but had come across them while surfing the web, on social media or t …

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