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Biden to address children’s online safety at State of the Union


President Joe Biden will address the nation on Tuesday evening in the second State of the Union address of his term. Per a release from the White House, the president is expected to weigh in on children’s online safety issues, as well as data privacy.
The briefing says that Biden will call on bipartisan lawmakers to ban targeted advertising toward young people, and protect children’s privacy, health and safety. The president will also express his support for imposing stronger transparency requirements on tech companies that collect user data.
These points are nearly identical to Biden’s comments last year. At the 2022 address, Biden highlighted the mental health impacts of social media on kids and teens. Biden specifically nodded to Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen‘s massive document leaks, which sparked a series of five Senate hearings on children’s online safety. First Lady Dr. Jill Biden even invited Haugen to last year’s event as a special guest, indicating …

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