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Can A Trillion Dollar Coin Resolve the Debt Ceiling Crisis?


WASHINGTON — The debt limit standoff between Republicans and Democrats has elevated questions about creative solutions for averting a crisis, including one that at first blush might seem unthinkable: Could minting a $1 trillion platinum coin make the whole problem go away?What was once a fringe idea is now being presented to top economic policymakers as a serious remedy.Asked on Wednesday about the notion that there might be another option if Congress failed to lift the borrowing cap, Jerome H. Powell, the Federal Reserve chair, said there was not.“There’s only one way forward here, and that is for Congress to raise the debt ceiling so that the United States government can pay all of its obligations when due,” Mr. Powell said. “Any deviations from that path would be highly risky.”Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen was unable to avo …

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