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GitHub CEO on why open source developers should be exempt from the EU’s AI Act


GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke says that open source developers should be made exempt from the European Union’s (EU) proposed new artificial intelligence (AI) regulations, saying that the opportunity is still there for Europe to lead on AI.
“Open source is forming the foundation of AI in Europe,” Dohmke said on stage at the the EU Open Source Policy Summit in Brussels. “The U.S. and China don’t have to win it all.”
The regulations in question is The Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act), first proposed back in April 2021 to address the growing reach of AI into our every day lives. The rules would govern AI applications based on their perceived risks, and would effectively be the first AI-centric laws introduced by any major regulatory body.
The European Parliament is set to vote on a draft version of the AI Act in the coming months, and depending on what discussions and debates follow, it could be adopted by the end of 2023.
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