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Hear from Oort and .406 Ventures on why cybersecurity companies thrive in Boston


Did you hear? The TechCrunch Live crew is taking a virtual trip to the Northeast. On Monday, February 27 (that’s in a couple days!), we’re hosting a special, extended TechCrunch Live event focused on Boston, and you’re invited to participate. Register for the free event right here.
The event starts with a conversation with Matt Caulfield, founder and CEO of Oort, and one of his investors, Greg Dracon, partner at .406 Ventures. I’m thrilled to have them on the show. Boston has long been home to security companies, and we’re going to talk through the ins and outs of the local ecosystem and why founders should look to Boston when starting a cybersecurity company. It’s a critical topic: Startups are not made in a vacuum and often benefit from a frothy local community of like-minded companies and entrepreneurs.
Greg Dracon has been with Boston’s .406 Ventures since 2007 and investing as a partner since 2013. He’s a board director at multiple security companies, including Oor …

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