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U.S. plans to stop buying Covid shots for the public this fall. Here’s what that means for you


A pharmacist delivers a COVID-19 booster dose at a Chicago CVS store in October.Antonio Perez | Tribune News Service | Getty ImagesThe U.S. will stop buying Covid shots at reduced price for the entire country and shift vaccine distribution to the private market as soon as early fall, shifting the cost to U.S. insurers and uninsured Americans who stand to lose access to the free vaccines.Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House Covid response coordinator, said in an an interview with UCSF Department of Medicine on Thursday that the shift to a private market will happen over the summer or early fall, though no exact date has been set.A senior official with the Health and Human Services Department told CNBC the fall would be a natural time to transition to a private market, particularly if the Food and Drug Administration selects a new Covid strain for the vaccines and as …

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