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Daily Crunch: Bing allows users to generate images using ‘very latest DALL-E models’


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Happy Tuesday Crunch, you beautiful, strong, and smart people. So glad to have you with us! Let’s get to it! — Christine and Haje
The TechCrunch Top 3

Image prompts: Microsoft is enabling Bing users to tap into their most creative selves — through AI, of course, via the use of OpenAI’s DALL-E image creator, Frederic reports. Frederic also writes about two additional features, Visual Stories and Knowledge Cards. “Best I can tell, Microsoft has been testing these quite a bit in recent weeks since they’ve been popping up in my searches with some frequency.”
Look who’s getting into generative AI: Firefly is Adobe’s approach to generative AI and “will be made up of multiple AI models ‘working across a variety of different use cases,’” Kyle writes. More Adobe news in Big Tech.
Get in line: Speaking of generative AI (because that’s really all we’ve been talking about for weeks now), Google opens early access to Bard, it …

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