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Duolingo is working on a music app


Duolingo, a language learning app with over 500 million users, is working on a music app, TechCrunch has learned.
The Pittsburgh-based tech company currently has a small team working on a music product and is hiring a learning scientist who is an “expert in music education who combines both theoretical knowledge of relevant learning science research and hands-on teaching experience,” according to a job posting listed on Duolingo’s career page. The company also posted a job that was soliciting a freelance music composition and curricular consultant, but the company is no longer accepting applications for that position.
The job listing suggests that the app will teach basic concepts in music theory using popular songs and teachers.
Duolingo has slowly grown beyond language learning into several auxiliary new projects that may represent significant revenue streams in the years to come. For example, The Duolingo English Test, which spun out from a h …

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