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Lyft might drop shared rides, stay focused on basics under new CEO


Lyft might once again drop its shared rides offering, just one of several changes the company’s newly appointed CEO could make in a bid to focus on its core ride-hailing business and become profitable.
David Risher, who is taking over as Lyft’s CEO in mid-April, told TechCrunch in a wide-ranging interview that other features may also be axed. For instance, the Wait & Save feature, which allows riders in certain regions to pay a lower fare if they wait for the best-located driver, may end, he said.
“It’s possible that maybe we don’t need both of those anymore and that we can focus all our resources on doing a fewer number of things better,” Risher, the former Amazon executive, told TechCrunch. “Maybe it’s time for us to say the shared rides were grea …

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