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Ampersand helps SaaS companies build their customer-facing integrations, raises $4.7M


Ampersand, a startup that helps SaaS companies build user-facing integrations into their products, today announced that it has raised a $4.7 million seed funding round led by Matrix Partners. Base Case Capital, Flex Capital and 2.12 Angels also invested, along with numerous prominent angel investors.
Today’s SaaS products, Ampersand co-founders Lauren Long and Ayan Barua noted, usually begin as systems of engagement that build intelligence and workflows on top of multiple systems of records. Those systems of records are all great database systems but they typically don’t have great interfaces for building on top of them.
Image Credits: Ampersand
“If you look at the databases on top of which a lot of SaaS has built itself, the pipe into a system of record is literally table stakes for your product experience,” said Barua, who was prev …

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