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Daily Crunch: App Store reviews and social media depict user backlash against Snapchat’s new AI chatbot


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As Twitter continues its absolutely farcical march toward its own demise, we are grabbing the popcorn to watch the fire blaze. In other news: Happy Monday, folks! — Christine and Haje
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Well blue check you out: Twitter users with over 1 million followers got their blue check marks back, even if they didn’t pay for Twitter Blue, Ivan reports. It’s interesting to note that many of the account holders were quick to separate themselves from being subscribers. Maybe it also has something to do with Twitter giving a gold check mark to a fake Disney account. Ivan has more on that.
No th-AI-nks: That’s what Snapchat users are saying about its “My AI” feature, which launched last week. Sarah writes that the social media giant is seeing a spike in one-star reviews, which include calling for its removal.
To be Near you: At a time when there is a wave of doubt about cryptocurrency, Cosmose, a company that uses AI anal …

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