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Greywing’s new SeaGPT solves email overwhelm for maritime crew managers


Every time a member of their crew changes, maritime crew managers need to handle immigration regulations, COVID requirements and travel plans for each person. This is usually done through emails with port agents, and can quickly lead to an overwhelming number of messages, sent across multiple time zones, especially if multiple people are leaving or onboarding. To simplify the process, Greywing, the Singapore-based maritime intelligence platform backed by investors like Flexport and Y Combinator, announced today it has developed SeaGPT, an AI chatbot based on GPT4 tech.
In a statement, Greywing CEO Nick Clarke said email overwhelm is the top problem crew managers ask them to fix. SeaGPT is latest of the startup’s tools for automating crew changes. The current version (Greywing plans to continue developing it and adding new use cases) simplifies the process by automating parts of the communication process, like drafting emails with import …

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