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Track the right metrics to improve your developers’ work experience


Alex Circei

Alex Circei is the CEO and co-founder of Waydev, a development analytics tool that measures engineering teams’ performance.

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While the past few years saw a big drive towards caring for employees, the last months have seen the pendulum swing in the other direction. The tech industry has been harrowed by layoffs and economic uncertainty — and that’s directly impacting existing employees’ morale and well-being, which in turn affects their productivity.
Digital health tools, better mental health treatment and mental health days are great steps, but they do not directly address some of the root causes of software engineer dissatisfaction at work. To counter this productivity-sapping trend, companies need to be thinking more about developer experience (DX). DX looks significantly different from general employee well-being.
Developer experience is more about how software developers feel about the work they do on a daily basis, and that’s directly influenced by the tools and processes they use. That means looking at your team’s experience of the work day itself, the resources they use, and the efficiency of their workflow. The benefit of optimizing those elements is not only happier developers — it translates directly into better business results.
Engineering leaders can do this by more effectively monitorin …

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