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An open letter to tech workers about careers in public service


Camille Stewart

Camille Stewart is the White House Deputy National Cyber Director for Technology and Ecosystem Security.

Thomas Peng

Thomas Peng is the Chief of Operations and Administration at the United States Peace Corps.

Dear Tech Workers,
 Careers are defined by moments.
Sometimes, these moments are meticulously planned out, and carefully strategized — a culmination of years of effort. A dream job, a long-awaited promotion or the successful completion of a noteworthy project. These moments recharge our professional batteries and propel us forward in our careers. Often, they also inspire us to achieve more.
For me (Camille), accepting an appointment to be part of the team starting a cyber policy office at the United States Department of Homeland Security changed my career trajectory. My understanding of how my career could evolve and the contributions I could make in and through cyber changed when I realized the benefits of a career that allowed me to move between sectors. I was able to support the drafting of Presidential Policy Directive-41 that outlines how the federal government organizes itself during a significant cyber incident.
I was then able to take that understanding and build out a federated security program at a large tech company, where I helped lead Log4j shell response efforts. Each sector provides a unique experience that, when combined, enhances your personal professional …

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