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Block Party’s anti-harassment tool for Twitter is going on hiatus


Now that Twitter’s API access is locked behind a tall paywall, long beloved third-party apps are shutting down. The latest to bite the dust is Block Party, an anti-harassment tool that helped people stay safe from targeted harassment on Twitter.
“We’re heartbroken that we won’t be able to help protect you from harassers and spammers on the platform, at least for now; we fought very hard to stay, and we’re so sorry that we couldn’t make it happen,” Block Party wrote in a blog post. The company said that it helped users block and mute millions of trolls over the last four years, but starting on May 31, it will go on indefinite hiatus.

We have a tough update to share: Block Party’s Twitter product is going on indefinite hiatus starting tomorrow. We fought hard to stay here, but recent changes have made it impossible for now. We’re so sorry it’s come to this.
— Bloc …

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