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China bans Micron chips in key infrastructure over ‘national security’ risks


China has banned some sales of Micron products after launching a probe into the American memory chip giant for cybersecurity risks in early April.
The decision is widely seen as part of the tit-for-tac in the ongoing U.S.-China economic competition, which has started to upend a deeply intertwined global tech supply chain.
Last year, the U.S. added China state-backed memory chip maker Yangtze Memory Technologies Corporation to the entity list, barring U.S. companies from supplying it without approval. The U.S. has also restricted Nvidia from exporting H100, its state-of-the-art GPU for generative AI training, to China.
The Cyberspace Administration of China on Sunday told domestic firms that provide “key information infrastructure” to stop buying from Micron. Products of Micron “have serious cybersecurity issues and pose a big risk to the country’s key information supply chains, raising cybersecurity concerns.”
Micron, which opened its first factory in China 16 years ago, specializes in producing computer memory and data storage …

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