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For startups, how many clouds to use may be the wrong question to ask


Should early-stage startups pursue a single-cloud, multicloud or on-prem strategy when just starting out?
Well, the simple answer to that question is just one cloud, but in the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, redundancy has become sexy again: Who wants to be dependent on a single provider for any mission-critical activity?

TechCrunch+ is currently surveying startup founders and CTOs regarding their cloud usage and best practices.If you’re interested in participating in this survey, we’d love to hear from you!

But it appears the main consideration isn’t redundancy — it’s actually what sort of compute load a startup has to deal with, according to a TechCrunch+ survey of several startup founders and CTOs. Notably, the founders we heard from were generally bullish on single-cloud usage for young startups, with significant caveats: If a young tech company is simply hosting software, then, to start, a single cloud will suffice, but if the …

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