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From root to crown, Mast Reforestation is regrowing the tree economy for the 21st century


Here’s the problem: the planet is burning, and there’s not much we can do about it.
Forests are in peril not just because of the ravages of climate change, but because the industries that support them remain traditional and under-resourced. Mast Reforestation is building a tech-forward forest-as-a-service company that vastly simplifies and accelerates the process of restoring lands lost to wildfires.
The company sprouted, as it were, from DroneSeed, which was pioneering new methods of analyzing forests and planting seeds as a sort of remedial precision agriculture. What they found was that although their methods were effective, the bottleneck to restoring forests wasn’t just the planting process. It was… pretty much everything else.
To plant a tree, you need a seedling (preferably thousands of them); that seedling needs to be grown by someone; that someone needs a seed supp …

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