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How a Solo Gig Can Give You a Stronger Retirement


Russ Eanes was burning out at his job, and he had just hit 60 — but he wasn’t ready to retire. A former minister in the Mennonite church, he had worked for a decade as an executive at a religious book publisher, but found himself in the unhappy role of helping to shrink the organization.“I was getting really good at downsizing, but I just decided I didn’t want my life to be defined by firing people and selling buildings every few years,” he said.Dissatisfaction with his work, coupled with the early death of a brother-in-law, propelled him to seek a new career path in 2018. “I had to find something I could do for the rest of my life that I would love doing,” he said.Mr. Eanes was a hiker and cyclist, and he decid …

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