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In Europe, Accel banks on a turnaround over the next 6 to 9 months


It’s been almost five years since this editor sat down with longtime VC Harry Nelis and three other investors from Accel’s London office to talk about the trends rippling through the venture industry. At the time, our talk largely centered on Brexit and SoftBank’s feverish pace of investment, which was beginning to drive other late-stage funds into earlier-stage companies.
Of course, much has changed in the intervening years. Brexit came to pass in January 2020. COVID-19 took hold around the world soon after. A global downturn has also reshaped how investors and founders are thinking about their respective roles — and pushed SoftBank into the background.
To learn how some of these shifts have impacted Accel (thanks to bets like Slack and UiPath, it raised some enormous funds just as things were cooling off), we …

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