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Kenya’s Tawi takes on auditory processing disorder to win Microsoft Imagine Cup


Microsoft’s student tech-for-good competition, the Imagine Cup, has crowned this year’s winner: Tawi, a team from Kenya that applied machine learning tools to helping kids with auditory processing disorder understand others better.
APD is a hearing condition in which someone hears sound just fine but their brain has trouble processing it. This can lead to delays in learning and understanding speech, as well as everyday inconvenience as communication takes more work and concentration.
John Onsongo Mabeya, Muna Numan Said, Syntiche Musawu Cishimbi and Zakariya Hussein Hassan formed Tawi because they all wanted to make something in educational tech, and decided on APD since one of the members has a sibling living with it.
Ordinarily a hearing aid is what is prescribed, as it can help isolate and emphasize voices. But …

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