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Low-code ML platform Predibase raises another $12.2M


End-to-end machine learning platform Predibase today announced a $12.2 million expansion to its $16.25 million Series A funding round from last year. The company also announced that its low-code, declarative ML platform for developers is now generally available.
During the beta period, which launched when the company came out of stealth last year, users have trained over 250 models on the platform. Now that the service is generally available, these users can also use Predibase to deploy their own large language models (LLMs) instead of using an API from the likes of OpenAI. Users will also get access to Predibase’s own LudwigGPT LLM — named after the suite of machine learning tools Predibase co-founder Piero Molino launched in 2019 (and not the tragic 19th-century Bavarian king).
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