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The Scramble to Take Over What Bed Bath & Beyond Left Behind


Engaged couples are struggling to navigate Bed Bath & Beyond’s faltering wedding registry system. Suppliers are scrambling to cultivate new business partnerships. Landlords are quickly closing deals on leases for suddenly vacated big-box locations. On TikTok, a shopper’s daily trips to a Manhattan store have found a receptive audience.After Bed Bath & Beyond’s recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, the winding down of the 52-year-old home-goods giant has led to frustration, sorrow and a race to capitalize on its demise.C.C. Manstrom is one person who feels left in the lurch. Since setting up her wedding registry with the retailer in January, she has watched a majority of the 30 items on the list slowly become unavailable. This month, when her great-aunt went to a location in Fargo, N.D., she was told that the retailer could no longer keep track of what had been purchased off the registry. Ms. Manstrom is now concern …

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