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White House Unveils Initiatives to Reduce Risks of AI


The White House on Thursday will host its first gathering of chief executives of companies building artificial intelligence since a boom in A.I.-powered chatbots has prompted growing calls to regulate the technology.Vice President Kamala Harris and other administration officials are scheduled to meet with the leaders of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, the maker of the popular ChatGPT chatbot, and Anthropic, an A.I. start-up, to discuss the technology.The White House planned to impress upon the companies that they had a responsibility to address the risks of new A.I. developments. “We aim to have a frank discussion of the risks we each see in current and near-term A.I. development, actions to mitigate those risks and other ways we can work together to ensure the American people benefit from advances in A.I. while being protected from its harms,” said Arati Prabhakar, the director of the White House office of science and technology policy, in an invitation to the meeting obtained by The New York Times.Hours before the meeting, the White House announced that the National Science Foundation plans to spend $140 million on new research centers devoted to A.I. The administration also pledged to release draft guidelines for government agencies to ensure that their use of A.I. safeguards “the American people’s rights and safety,” adding that several A.I. companies had …

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