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Why Amazon’s Delivery Network Is Vulnerable to Labor Strife


Is there a more familiar sign of corporate dominance than the Amazon delivery van?As recently as four years ago, the blue-gray vehicle with the smiley arrow was a relative novelty among fleets of brown and blue-and-white delivery trucks clogging the streets. Today, the Amazon vans are almost inescapable. Between 2020 and 2022, their numbers more than doubled, to roughly 100,000.But this symbol of Amazon’s strength may hint at something else: an underappreciated vulnerability.The vans are just the most visible piece of ‌the company’s vast delivery network. When you place an order for cat toys or razor blades or vacuum bags, Amazon employees typically pluck them off a shelf in a warehouse, then ship them to a succession of buildings, known as sort centers and delivery stations, where they are grouped b …

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