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$5.2 billion in cargo stuck off West Coast ports in truck and container bottleneck


A photo of Fenix Marine Services rail terminal on June 8, 2023, taken by a trucker.The “slow and go” pace of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union workforce at West Coast ports has slowed ground port productivity to a crawl. As a result, supply chain intelligence company MarineTraffic data shows what it is calling a “significant surge” in the average number of containers waiting outside of port limits.At the Port of Oakland, during the week of June 5, the average TEUs (ton equivalent units) waiting off port limits rose to 35,153 from 25,266, according to MarineTraffic. At the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, the average TEUs waiting off port limits rose to 51,228 from 21,297 the previous week, said a MarineTraffic spokeswoman.The value of the combined 86,381 containers floating off the ports of Oakland, Los Ange …

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