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Does CNN’s Turmoil Mean There’s No Room on Cable for Independent News?


The Warner Bros. Discovery chief, David Zaslav, was clear from the day he took control of CNN in 2022 about what he wanted for the cable news network. Publicly and privately he told associates, reporters and whoever else might care that he wanted to move the network away from what he viewed as left-leaning “advocacy” and toward more “balance.” His CNN would not be anti-Trump, and would be more welcoming for Republicans.As Mr. Zaslav’s handpicked CNN leader, Chris Licht, appeared to struggle with that remit in the months that followed, Mr. Zaslav backed him with the ultimate carte blanche statement: “Ratings be damned.”Indeed, the ratings would go on to be damned, as would be Mr. Licht’s tenure, which abruptly ended af …

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