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Older TikTok Creators Are in Demand by Brands


The work is lucrative, Ms. Tan said, and she isn’t planning to stop anytime soon.“I was definitely not fully set up financially for retirement,” she said. Besides saving for her later years, Ms. Tan said, she is paying a mortgage and college tuition for a younger child.Ms. Tan’s success is more the exception than the rule. Still, there are opportunities for older brand representatives because there are fewer creators in that age category to compete with, said Kevin Creusy, a co-chief executive of Upfluence, which manages a repository of 4.5 million social media creators that advertisers can comb to find partners. As of mid-April, the listing had only about 2,700 entries for people 60 or older, he said, and just 174 of those had a TikTok accou …

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