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Teaser’s AI dating app turns you into a chatbot


A man on a dating app is telling me how much we have in common – we both love books, music and traveling. He even writes poetry, and he’d love to share some poems with me. Could be a red flag, but sure, why not? I ask to see his work, and he replies:
“[Title Page] [Title Name] [Content].”
No, this is not an experimental, minimalist deconstruction of poetics. This is an AI version of Matthew, 27, who may not actually write poems.
Teaser AI is a new dating app from the team that made Dispo, a photo-sharing app designed to mimic the spontaneity of disposable cameras. The twist with Teaser is that before you swipe right or left on someone, you can chat with their AI likeness to get a feel for their personality.
Dispo and Teaser CEO Daniel Liss doesn’t want people to recre …

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