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CLEVER is a unique and effective way to:

Promote your business
Showcase your knowledge and expertise
Position yourself as a thought leader
Boost your communications strategy
Increase your customer engagement
Expand your audience and outreach

The CLEVER Format
Smart business ideas in 10 minutes

Unparalleled benefits

Engaging professional 10 Minute Video

Shareable video content

Increased brand exposure

Showcased in front of other businesses and entrepreneurs

Where does your video appear?

Appears on the CLEVER ideas hub

Appears on the 1BW YouTube channel

Shared through the 1BW social media

Additional viewership through 1BW marketing outreach

Professional training add-on:
Take your presentation to a totally different level.

Raise your speaking and presentation skills to a whole new level through a one-on-one session with a communications professional a live video speaker coaching and training session. 

The training session will be recorded and you can always access it afterwards to freshen up your skills.

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What is a Clever presentation for?

  • Promote your company
  • Share you expertise
  • Give inspiring business advice
  • Innovative ideas and cutting-edge insights and trends
  • Showcase groundbreaking technologies and solutions

Note: Please use the form below to provide information on yourself and on the presentation topic.

Optionally you can add a 1 hour training on messaging and communications with a communications expert. Choose below.

Industries & Sectors

Business leaders from a wide range of industries expand on key topics, industry trends and updates.

Business Products & Services
Financial Services
Technology Hardware & Software
IT & Cybersecurity
Communications & Marketing
Media & Entertainment
Consumer Products & Services
E-Commerce & Retail
Real Estate & Construction
Tourism & Hospitality
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Energy Solutions
Space & Universe
Industrials & Manufacturing
Logistics & Transportation

Innovation and creativity that makes the world move forward.
Hear from the creators and the builders who work toward a better business world.