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Founded in 1954 as a limited partnership by İshak Alaton and Üzeyir Garih, Alarko was incorporated as a holding company in 1973 and went public in 1974. Today, the company is one of Turkey’s leading industrial enterprises with a strong history of over 60 years and operations in 5 different fields of activity, 24 subsidiaries including an international joint venture, 7.000 employees and annual combined revenues of 4,3 billion TL as of the end of 2018.

Alarko Holding is one of the most respected enterprises of the Turkish economy with its leading brands, extensive knowledge and experience in various fields, high-technology driven R&D investments, national sales network, international projects and ambition for global competition. Alarko Holding has become a symbol of trust and prestige with its corporate ethical values which have not been compromised since the very first day of its foundation, principle of superior quality in all products and services, and policy of investing in people.

Contracting Group implements world-class projects successfully, delivering turn-key projects both at home and abroad.

Continuing with its fast-paced investments in consideration of the increase in energy consumption in Turkey and around the world, Energy Group is engaged in Energy Trade besides Energy Production and Energy Distribution. Meram Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. (MEDAŞ), which was taken over in 2009 upon privatization, provides electricity distribution services in a region that corresponds to approximately 10% of Turkey’s surface area. In addition to the hydropower, natural gas and thermal power plants operated by the company, Turkey’s first photovoltaic (PV) solar power plant started production activities in 2012.

Industry and Trade Group has maintained a consistent and successful course of growth with heating and ventilation services and the manufacturing, sales and after-sales services of air-conditioners and pumps. In 1998, Alarko Industry and Trade Group entered into a strategic joint venture with US-based Carrier, a world leader in air-conditioning. Alarko Carrier was born out of this partnership and gave impetus to the entire group.

With more than 20 years’ know-how, Tourism Group is Turkey’s first representative in the “leisure” industry, which is growing fast globally, and aims to be “beyond competition” at all times with successful businesses including Hillside Beach Club, Hillside City Club, Cinecity cinemas and Sanda Spa.

Land Development Group has made a difference in all its projects thanks to over 45 year’s experience and knowledge, and developed Alkent, one of the most prestigious brands of 2000s.

Alarko Holding continues to add value to Turkey with world-class projects undertaken in all fields of activity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading, strong, reputable, world-class company which grows through the difference that we make.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed expectations and carry Alarko into the future by embracing universal values and adopting different business models.

Main Philosophy

Main Pillars of the Alarko Philosophy The reputation and confidence that Alarko has built since 1954 is based on the company’s world-class endeavors and its sense of responsibility towards the Turkish nation.

Giving the entire staff annual training at specific intervals according to their needs and fields and ensuring that they adopt modern technology;
Always being honest towards the government, customers, stakeholders, employees, partners, sub-sectors and supporting industries in all activities;
Making sure that all employees embrace the business as if it were their own, and that they work solely for the corporation’s benefit at their own will;
Preserving nature and maintaining the social balance within the company in all activities;
Guiding customers without seeming forceful and prioritizing customer requests;
Focusing on quality at all times, and trying to offer customers the better even when they are satisfied with what is available;
Earning the profit that is deserved by the shareholders in light of these principles;
Implementing an autonomous management and central supervision approach; Embracing autonomy at the individual level; Adopting a bottom-up instead of top-down decision-making process with only approvals given by the management;
Motivating the entire staff with profitability through specific unilateral or bilateral formulas;
Prioritizing team work and sharing profits, losses, success and failures as a corporate organization that acts according to established systems and procedures in its operations.

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