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Europe’s fifth and the world’s tenth biggest brewer as measured by sales volume, Anadolu Efes supplies its products to consumers across a broad geographical region. Our presence in countries with strong beer consumption potential such as Russia (the world’s sixth largest beer market), Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Georgia combined with the synergies arising from economies of scale and the strength they create play an important role in our success. Our subsidiary Coca-Cola İçecek is one of the most important soft drinks bottlers in its region owing to its conduct of soft drinks production and distribution operations in ten countries. Shipping its products to more than seventy countries, Anadolu Efes generates approximately two-thirds of its sales revenues in its international operations. The ability both to create a product line capable of appealing consumers in such a broad range of countries with such different cultures and tastes and to command such high market shares among them is the outcome of Anadolu Efes’ talent for effectively transforming the correct strategies that it comes up with through its experience and vision into action.

In line with its robust business model and strategic objectives focused on creating long-term shareholder value, Anadolu Efes deploys its human resources and technological advantages in the most effective way possible in the conduct of its processes and operations. Mindful of maximizing productivity at every stage, Anadolu Efes utilizes the growth potential of its operations, improves revenue management through a diversified portfolio of products and services, and manages its balance sheet by adhering to strict financial discipline while satisfying consumer expectations.

We are guided by our corporate values in the conduct of our business activities. Acting with team spirit, our managers and workers embrace their work with passion. While pursuing our objectives, we are agile, proactive, forward-looking, innovative, and focused on continuous improvement and success. We value fairness, integrity, and transparency.

Though challenged by stiff competition, Anadolu Efes is able to capture changes in consumer preferences thanks to the operational and geographical diversity of its portfolio. While spreading and reducing its economic and geographical risks, the company deploys correct and clear strategies and takes action that is focused on sustainable profitability. The extent of our operations reach in more than 700 million potential consumers gives us access to many dynamic and opportunity-filled markets: markets whose demographics strongly support the consumption rates of the products that we make and deliver. According to United Nations figures, 26% of the people living within our operational reach are below the age of fourteen and the average rate of population growth is 1.5% a year. According to International Monetary Fund figures, these regions’ GDP has grown by an average rate of 2% annually in the last decade and its aggregate GDP is about USD 7.3 trillion.

Touching millions of people’s lives in the conduct of its global operations, Anadolu Efes addresses sustainability issues within the framework of its Positive Impact Plan, which has been developed to ensure that the effect of implementing the company’s sustainable business model is beneficial to the environment, society, employees, and the entire value-creation chain.

Our efforts on behalf of environmental sustainability are of great importance from the standpoint of managing the risks posed by global climate change: among other things we are taking necessary action to reduce both the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the conduct of our operations and the amounts of energy that they require, we are also investing in new, low-emission technologies that improve energy efficiency. We are moving faster in our efforts to conserve water and manage its use more effectively. We continue to make progress in minimizing the external impact of our products throughout our entire value-creation chain and are striving to reduce the amounts of waste that get generated. We contribute greatly to local economies by creating jobs and procuring raw materials from local suppliers whenever feasible. In our efforts to support agriculture, we provide farmers with training and financing support through our “The Future is in Agriculture” project while also encouraging the planting of the barley and hop varieties developed as a result of our R&D projects and making sure that they are grown properly. In our efforts to support social wellbeing and progress we undertake long-term projects in the areas of culture, art, and sport. We provide our employees in all the countries in which we have a presence with a progression-oriented, inclusive workplace environment whose core principles are equality of opportunity and a respect for diversity.

Since 1969 we have been sharing our consumers’ most precious moments with our top-quality products. In the course of our first half-century in business, we have become a production powerhouse capable of making our presence felt in the world’s great markets while also growing steadily in markets that have significant potential. With its people who are all striving towards the same goal even though they are working in different countries and cultures, with its vast distribution network, and with its countless business partners, the steadily-growing and thriving Anadolu Efes family is focused on creating value for a better future.

Looking forward, I may also say that thanks to products that appeal to global consumers’ tastes, we shall continue to be the brand that is turned to whenever friends get together in the next half-century.

Let me take this opportunity to extend my sincerest appreciation to the members of the Anadolu Efes Board of Directors, to our shareholders, to our dealers and distributors, to our suppliers, and to our business partners for their unwavering support and likewise to my esteemed colleagues for their selfless efforts.

Tuncay Özilhan

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