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AquaBountyThe World’s Most Sustainable Salmon

AquaBounty is a small company with offices in Maynard, Massachusetts and Fortune, Prince Edward Island. Founded in 1991, AquaBounty’s driving force is the belief that modern genetics, married with technological advances in aquaculture production, can spur a radically more responsible and sustainable way of farming Atlantic salmon. Breakthroughs in modern bioscience have revitalized aquaculture and AquaBounty is at the forefront of this Blue Revolution.

Our Mission

From our CEO to our farm technicians, AquaBounty’s 62 employees share a passionate belief that smarter, science-based aquaculture can change the world — improving human health, conserving natural resources, and protecting our marine ecosystem while contributing to sustainable food production.


Products & Services

AquaBountyOur AquAdvantage Salmon is better for the environment and consumers.

Through land-based fish farms and genetic engineering, AquaBounty brings to market fresh salmon that is safe, secure, and sustainable. AquaBounty is addressing the global food crisis with a more consistent and scalable source of Atlantic salmon raised closer to consumers. As a result, AquaBounty offers families fresh, nutritious salmon that is free of disease and antibiotics, and raised responsibly right here in the U.S.

Low Impact Fish Farming

AquaBounty believes in sustainable seafood production. Our AquAdvantage Salmon is being raised in land-based production systems away from the ocean, eliminating the risk of escapes that could impact native fish populations AND the risk of pollutants or contaminants that could harm marine ecosystems. Our salmon is raised in optimized conditions with total control of the water coming in and going out, which allows for removal of wastes and the recycling of 95% or more of the water used. AquAdvantage Salmon production systems are operated at relatively low densities, so as to optimize fish health and minimize the environmental impact of the production system.


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