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Inventions That Are More About Missions Than Money.

Our mission

Our mission is to reduce battery pollution with our patented magnetic connectors, magnetic switches and magnetic disconnects along with solar energy and supercapacitor technology. We want to offer people green practical solutions to current everyday problems with our exclusive patented products.

Imagine a way to store energy without using wasteful, land-filling batteries! Our patented AttractionNaction, LLC products are able to replace batteries, and are light-weight alternatives for powering anything.

GotGreenNotGreed is offering the world’s most efficient and safest battery-less technology. We are here to introduce the next frontier of plug and play – Unplug and play! We connect solar energy recharging with supercapacitor power storage with our exclusive magnetic technology: patented magnetic connectors, magnetic disconnects and magnetic switches. All our products are safe for the environment, safe for the user and they save money.

At AttractionNaction we use solar technology and super capacitor technology coupled with our patented magnetic connectors magnetic switches and super capactor power banks with magnetically connected powerpacks using no mechanical parts that can fail.

Our smartphone charging system is more efficient than inductive charging and you do not need any special battery as our system uses the existing battery and simply docks with your phone anywhere you are. At home, in the car, or at the beach using solar.

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Products & Services


We have the technology

Gwiz Genie Supercapacitor Power Unit

Products such as smartphones, tablets, and power tools need to be recharged. When your battery and/or powerpack for your phone or power tool dies out, you need to find an outlet to recharge it, and you only get one charge. What if you find yourself without electricity (due to an outage) or you are camping in the woods for a few days? Without access to an electrical outlet, recharging your batteries is impossible. The Gwiz Genie provides the solution!

Our Gwiz Genie supercapacitor power unit, which comes in different sizes and formats, can recharge your devices (or power them). The supercapacitor power unit fully recharges itself in 2 hours by using solar energy and is ready again to power or recharge your devices. The supercapacitor power unit has a lifespan of 20 years, or 500,000 charges. The power unit also holds its charge for many months and is ready to be used when needed. With a Gwiz Genie in your hand, you will feel empowered and free.

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Hipster PowerBelt

A PowerBelt using our Graphene SuperCapacitor PowerPacks connected via our Patented Magnetic Connectors to power your portable hand tools all day long without changing powerpacks 1 million charges 20 year warranty

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs):

  • Eco-friendly
  • 20 year warranty
  • Long run time

Our ATTRACTIONnACTION Family Of Products is fully expandable and growing every month.

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