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Avivasa Emeklilik Ve Hayat
One of Turkey’s leading private pension and life insurance companies, AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. was established on 31 October 2007. AvivaSA, the joint investment company of Sabancı Holding, Turkey’s local strength, and of Aviva plc, the British insurance giant, serves in the sector of private pension and life insurances.

Shareholding Structure
AvivaSA is owned by Aviva plc at 40.00 percent, Sabancı Holding at 40.00 percent, and other shareholders.

Paid Capital
TL 180,000,000

Distribution Channels
Direct Sales:This is the distribution channel that aims to reach non-bank participants at different socio-economic levels through AvivaSA’s skilled Financial Advisors.
Sales from the Bank: This is the distribution channel where branch customer representatives under Bank assurance offer private pension and life insurance products together with other bank products to bank customers.
Agents: The agents who act on behalf of AvivaSA and reach their own customer portfolios are one of the most important distribution channels of AvivaSA.
Corporate Projects: Corporate participations, which hold an important place in the Private Pension System, are conducted through AvivaSA’s corporate projects team.
Telemarketing and other channels: AvivaSA is one of the leading companies in its sector that offer private pension and life insurance over the telephone and the Internet.

Portfolio Management
Portfolio management, of great importance in private pension, is conducted through portfolio management companies. AvivaSA funds are managed by Ak Asset Management, a Sabancı Group company, one of the leading companies in the portfolio management business

Fund Size of AvivaSA’s Private Pension System
You may examine or compare the fund sizes of AvivaSA and other private pension companies at www.egm.org.tr

You may examine or compare the premium production figures of AvivaSA and other companies with life insurance production at www.tsb.org.tr

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AvivaSA Emeklilik ve Hayat