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AVOD INC. (AVOD Kurutulmus Gida VE Tarim Urunleri Sanayi Ticaret)is a corporation established in 2003 based on the foundations of HASAT BNO Group (established in 1995). As the company has established, it has become one of the leader companies of Turkey on the subject of dried vegetables and derivatives, vegetable based convenience foods, agricultural production, processing, international sales and marketing by taking moving force of HASAT BNO Group.It has been launching products to local markets under the brand name of Farmer`s Choice and has been exporting 20 % of total dried vegetable export of Turkey and with 15.000 m² open area, 5,000 m² closed area and capacity of 3.000 tones of final product.

AVOD INC. believes positive impact of quality product and production to customer satisfaction and follows the process punctiliously from importing of seed to packaging of final product with it`s professional agricultural seeding, planting, , quality control staff.

Our products are divided into 5 main groups according to production type, processing difference of raw material and product variety.

Sun Dried Products

Oven Semi Dried Products
Sauces and Bruschettas
Fermented Products
Grilled Products

Products according to sector they are used listed as:

Products given to industrial producers as semi-finished
Final products given to agents and importers distributes restaurant, hotel, catering industry
Retail products given to international chains

With it`s production and storage capacity, AVOD INC. İs capable of transportation of products to customers in five different continent without interruption through the year.
Drying process of our company has been performed in drying stations in various corners of Aegean Region as after drying processes have been performed in our facility present in İzmir and having processing capacity of 200 tones per month.
AVOD INC. performed necessary breakthrough to produce oven semi dried tomato and operated oven-drying system accordance with it`s power, experience, present claim in this sector and the demands of customers.
This oven-drying system expresses brand new and different technology in terms of production. The establishment of system has led to a whole new front for our company.
Our facility having quite new and quality drying systems continues to process oven dried products.
Our facility obtained BRC and IFS system certificates to be accepted at an international level, to maintain consistency and improving. Our Quality Assurance Team equipped with knowledge and experience has done and currently continues to do necessary work on this issue.

Products & Services

Sun Dried Tomatoes

Aegean Sun in Tables…

We have been producing the most quality product at suitable conditions with our experienced and professional Re-De and quality assurance team.

By our contracted growers, tomatoes chosen with attention are grown under the control of QA and Re-De Team from seed to harvest. When tomatoes are ripen, they are brought to sun-drying stations in every region of Aegean and sun-drying process is started.

A.V.O.D INC. both grows, dries and processes with it`s 200 tones production capacity per month.

Sun-dried tomatoes are classified as halves, slices, cubes (from dimensions of 3*3 mm to 12*12 mm), 6-cut and 4-cut. All these types are processed to consume as ready-to-eat by marinate and re-moisturizing. Except this classification, sun dried tomatoes is also produced as granules and powder.

We present you the most ideal with our dried and ready-to-eat products. We are producing the best and most quality product for you with proud and honour by the experience of years. Meals are more colourful and inviting from macaroni to salad, from bread to pizza with our sun dried tomato types now.

Oven semi dried tomatoes

Irressistable naturelness of fresh tomatoes

Considering that Aegean Region is the dominant figure in oven semi dried tomatoes sector, limited number of countries and producers are counted. As well as It`s difficult for companies to get in return for their demands in this vicious circle, AVOD INC. makes it possible for you. We produce the most ideal and appropriate products by understanding your wishes. Our semi dried tomatoes in different variations are served in many parts of the world. We make production for industrial consumption as bulk or appropriate for food service and retail consumption.

Oven semi dried tomato segment is the flagship of AVOD INC. When we rove about the process from the product growing in the field to reaching of world markets, power of AVOD INC. came out. First innovation performed for our company based on continuous innovation is taking form of production system in factory according to HACCP rules. With this change , relationship with our customers has been rised to a more compatible level.
AVOD INC. has been the single company producing oven semi dried tomatoes in Turkey within a very shot period of time. Today, it`s the pacemaker with it`s high production capacity.

Production is diversified from 100 g stand-up pouch to 10 kg bulk bagIn accordance with customer demand. Tomato marinated with oil and herbs meets the expectations of our customers with their packaging types.

Sauces and Bruchettas

Leading actors of your kitchen

AVOD INC is also active in this class with our six different sauce types and towards on-going Re-De activities. We meet expectations of our customers with target-oriented for high quality sauce production.

In appetiser segment which is most important actors colouring our kitchen, AVOD INC. is serving to food service and retail customers with bruschetta types and artichoke salad, final product oriented pasta, pizza sauce and diced tomato sauce that is usable in anyway at your table.

Fermented Vegetables and Grilled Products

Traditional taste at your tables!

In this segment having a large product spectrum from artichoke heart to capers, from pepperonchini to cherry pepper, Our main purpose is meeting expectations of our customers precisely and completely.

Fermented vegetable group as important and priority group of food service and retail product output market, our product scala is expanding day by day with serious studies and professionalism of our Product Development and Re-De Departments.

We meet your packaging expectations from A10 tin to 210 cc jar with many different size and speciality.

Grilled Vegetable! Lover of gurmes…

This product segment is demanded with an increasing acceleration by catering sector, hotels and restaurants.
AVOD INC. has taken products in this segment a step further.

Supporting actors of your tables will make your target product attractive with grilled eggplant, zucchini, pepper, artichoke and grilled eggplant puree,

These products are appropriate for catering companies and restaurants in terms of fresh vegetable consumption and no need any processing.

They can be consumed as appetizer at the same time as in salads. Also they can be used as garniture with meat and fish meals.

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