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We are top notch divorce law firms located in San Antonio, TX. Our team of professional divorce lawyers or attorneys specializes in handling most typical of divorce cases and expert in family law practice.

Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences of anyone’s life. A qualified, knowledgeable, and understanding divorce attorney in San Antonio will help you resolve the matter and start over with your life.

Bandoske, Butler, & Reuter, PLLC is a full service Family Law firm. Family law consists of divorce, custody litigation, child support, possession and access to a child, paternity, and marital agreements. At Bandoske, Butler, & Reuter, PLLC we have attorneys who can assist you in both complex litigation cases and agreed settlements. Our divorce law firm assist clients in navigating through their emotional and difficult family law litigation experience with attention to detail and compassion. Our service areas are Bexar county and surrounding areas.

Our San Antonio divorce lawyers are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to each client, and understand this may be a very difficult time in your life. Each client has a different story, so we listen to your needs and help you navigate through your divorce, child support, and custody cases.

If you need:
– to start over with your life,
– help with a child custody matter,
– help with property division matter,
– or help with child support,
then set up a a free in-person appointment with one of our attorneys by calling (210) 299-4777.

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Practice Areas:

Divorce, even under the best of circumstances is hard on everyone involved including the impact on children and therefore it is important that everything go as smoothly as possible.

Child Custody
We have declared, the needs of the children are of primary importance. Our child custody law firm’s goal is to create a win-win situation for parents so they can sustain a lifestyle where their children thrive.

Both a non custodial parent or a custodial parent can seek a modification of a child support order.

Probably more than 90% of all dissolution cases are settled prior to trial in Texas. These agreements, drafted by the parties’ counsel, and then executed and acknowledged by the parties, provides for all of the financial arrangements .

Child Support
Every parent wants to ensure that his or her children have the things they need in life: a safe home, a good school, and the ability to develop their unique talents and skills.

Wills and Probate
The end of your life is probably not a time you want to think about. However, we will all pass away one day, and spending a little bit of time preparing for it now can go a long way toward making the grieving process easier on your loved ones.

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Bandoske Butler Reuter & Jay Pllc